Barcelona-based RayVolt has designed some of the most creative electric bike designs in the industry using their own technology to offer industry-leading performance and user experiences. After a two-year hiatus, they announced the launching of eXXite as a completely new brand.

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During their 2022 conference, RayVolt reiterated the success of their range of e-bikes and revealed the future lineup. Their best-selling e-bike is the Cruzer, with motorcycle design accents and leatherwork detailing that has become the company’s signature. Under eXXite, the new flagship will be the X1, featuring a similar oversized frame to the Cruzer but with an aggressive speed-focused posture.

You can watch a recording of the entire launch event below.

Are you excited about the eXXite X1?

Beside the handlebars, you’ll find a dock for your phone with an integrated wireless phone charger. But it won’t just show you various stats, such as speed and better life, as most e-bikes do. The dock can use your phone’s sensors and camera to adjust the bike’s electric motor and battery power automatically. The brain behind this operation is RayVolt’s EIVA 2.0 app. For example, EIVA can use the gyro to detect a hill and increase or decrease the pedal assistance system accordingly.

wxxite x1

Typically, e-bikes use a pedal sensor to determine how much assistance the motor should provide. You pedal faster, and the engine delivers more power to keep the assist in sync. Interestingly, RayVolt realized this process could work in reverse to offer exclusive pedal regen braking. With the eXXite lineup, you can pedal forward to go faster or pedal backward to engage the regeneration to slow down.

Beyond the X1, the eXXite lineup includes a more traditional belt-drive commuter bike and a new take on a standing electric scooter. The scooter has a Vespa-styled shield in front, with the ability to mount a carb-box to the backend.

Both the Rayvolt and eXXite brands are built with style and advanced tech, but they are going their separate ways with branding. That might make it easier to co-develop new features that benefit different customers equally. Together, they may be in a league of their own. Expect big things from Barcelona soon.