ONYX Motorbikes has revealed the all-electric successor to their CTY bike released four years ago: the ONYX CTY2.

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The original CTY motorcycle always stood in the shadow of its bigger brother, the ONYX RCR. With higher specs capable of reaching twice the speed, it outsold the CTY 10:1 and became the company’s main focus. Now, ONYX has reworked the RCR’s lower-cost cousin with serious performance upgrades.

Check out the launch video below, then read on for details.

The ONYX CTY2 has 60 miles of range when going 20 mph, thanks to its 23 Ah removable battery behind a beautiful wooden frame. There’s even rapid charging soon on the way in under three hours. The speed controller has also moved to the bottom of the frame to help with cooling and airflow. We don’t yet know the top speed, but the original CTY bike could reach just past 30 mph.

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As for traction, ONYX has removed the center of gravity on the CTY2, saying riders can better stick to the road by offering them more control. Riders can conquer almost any terrain, as the bike boasts some pretty heavy-duty full suspension. There are also 60 volts of instant torque available at the twist of the throttle for extra fun. The company claims that’s enough to climb a 45-degree hill — not that you’ll encounter an incline that steep in most areas.

onyx cty2

Preorders for the ONYX CTY2 start at $3,699.69, saving you $200. Around a grand less than the RCR, it’s a great deal for an electric moped with classy looks and emission-free urban commuting.