Okai, a longtime leader in light electric vehicles, showcases their latest e-scooters and electric accessories at CES 2022.

Here are the highlights of what they have in store for the future of micro-mobility.

Beetle EA10

okai beetle

The first of its kind, this adorable seated electric scooter is small but mighty.

The Beetle has a 350W power motor to carry you 25 miles of distance with a top speed of 16 mph. However, thanks to the 36V swappable battery, you can go further by switching it out for a freshly charged one on the go.

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You’ll ride comfortably with a cushioned seat that conforms to the shape of your behind. The shock absorbers and the 10″ tubeless pneumatic tires will also help smooth out any bumps on the roads.

The Okai Beetle comes in three colors and s available for $699.

Okai ES800

okai es800

The most powerful of the bunch is undoubtedly this off-road performance electric scooter.

The high-performance motor is dual-drive rated at 1000W, enabling speeds of 37 mph. It should also help you climb hills as steep as 35%.

The ES800 comes with 12-inch off-road tires with front single-fork hydraulic shocks and a double shock absorber at the rear wheel, helping you conquer the terrain.

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No pricing has been revealed yet, nor has the weight of the e-scooter, but it is said to be 30% heavier than most.

Okai ES600

okai es600

Designed for ride-sharing services, this e-scooter hits the sweet spot in terms of efficiency, durability and ease of use.

The ES600 features the world’s first aluminum stretch integrated process frame for an electric scooter, making it lightweight. Front and side LED lights will also help keep visible to cars on the road.

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It uses a swappable 700Wh battery system, so companies can swap in a freshly charged battery instead of hauling it back to a depot for charging.

Smart Helmet

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a personal playlist while still having audio awareness of your surroundings? This Smart Helmet has you covered with its integrated speaker.

But that’s not all.

Made with anti-bacterial materials, the helmet will help make your ride safer and more hygienic. It features Bluetooth and APP connectivity to customize and configure two large front and rear LED displays for clear visibility from far away.

You can check out all the new electric products Okai offers via their virtual show booth from Jan 5th-8th.