Ampler, the design-oriented electric bike manufacturer, has revealed its next generation of e-bikes. The Ampler Juna is a relaxed comfort bike for cruising the city, while the Ampler Axel offers a sportier, more responsive ride for daily urban commuters.

Thanks to their hidden batteries, both bikes have a very sleek style, and you wouldn’t even know they’re electric. They also come with integrated lights, fenders, a kickstand, and a charger.

“We call it the second generation because almost everything is new, including fully in-house developed frames and electronics systems. It is our passion to create electric bikes that serve the urban commuters – bikes that are exciting, long-lasting, safe and built responsibly.”

-Ardo Kaurit, CEO and cofounder of Ampler

Ample features for Axel and Juna

Ampler Axel

The Juna and the Axel include carbon belt drives instead of a conventional bicycle chain. Combined with puncture-resistant 50mm tires and hydraulic disc brakes, the bikes are designed to be maintenance-free.

The Ampler e-bikes share the same powertrain, consisting of a rear hub motor powered by a torque sensor-based system for a responsive motor assist. Inside the downtube is a 48V battery with 336 Wh of capacity, which riders can charge using a magnetic connector. There’s a small waterproof cover on the charger port to help protect against the elements.

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The battery is rated for a range of 70 km (43 miles) and takes 2.5 hours to charge fully. You can monitor how much juice you have left via a screen down the center bar, which helps de-clutter the handlebars.

You’ll get GPS connectivity with both models to check the current location of the e-bike from Ampler’s smartphone app. That means that if someone steals the bike, owners can track its location and remotely lock it.

Commuter or casual?

The differences between Ampler’s e-bikes primarily come down to their designs and intended uses.

The Ampler Axel is what you’re looking for in a two-wheeled commuter. The e-bike is light for a full-featured electric bike, at just 16.3 kg (35.9 lb). It also comes in green.

The Ampler Juna isn’t much heavier, at just 16.5 kg (36.4 lb), and comes in grey. But unlike the Axel, this e-bike is all about a relaxed ride. It’s the most upright riding position Ampler has ever built into its e-bikes. It also features a lower step frame to make it easier to mount and dismount, which shorter riders should appreciate.

The Ampler Axel and Juna are both priced at €2,590 (approximately US $2,810), making them some of the more affordable European-produced electric bicycles on the market.