Inspired by the iconic geometric angles of the highly anticipated Cybertruck, Tesla has quietly launched a mini-version of sorts, the Cyberquad for Kids.

Adults are still waiting for their full-size Cyberquad, which Tesla promises will complement the Cybertuck and be able to fit snug into its trunk space. But for the time being, kids eight and up can ride an electric ATV that looks like it jumped right out of the world of Blade Runner. If their parents are willing to spend $1,900, that is.

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Check out the video below to see the pint-sized Cyberquad in action, then read on for all the details.

The Cyberquad for kids comes with a steel frame, cushioned seat and can support a maximum of 150 lbs. You’ll also find adjustable suspension with rear disk braking. But, perhaps the cherry on top is the LED light bars, which make the futuristic aesthetics.

While this may technically be the cheapest Tesla you can buy, it’s also the most limited in range. You’ll get around 15 miles on a full battery, which takes five hours to charge. However, the battery can vary depending on the terrain, speed settings, and rider’s weight.

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There’s also a modest top speed of 10 mph, which is plenty fast for youngsters. However, you can limit that to 5 mph for safety if desired.

As it stands, the Tesla Cyberquad for kids is currently only available in the U.S. But don’t expect it to arrive in time for Christmas, as the official store page states that shipping will begin in two to four weeks. Too bad, since it would make for an impressive gift to find under the tree – more so than the somewhat silly yet already sold-out Cyberwhistle just released by Tesla.