Lamborghini shows off futuristic Terzo Millennio EV concept

Lamborghini has teamed up with MIT and showed off the Terzo Millennio, a concept electric hypercar of the future.

What makes it special? The Terzo Millennio, which means the third millennium, is far from your typical electric car: it’s powered by supercapacitors instead of batteries. In partnership with MIT, Lamborghini wants to build the car’s body and components with carbon fiber nanotubes that will also be used as a storage system. Additionally, the company is exploring the possibility of making the carbon fiber structure “self-healing”, meaning it could detect various cracks and scratches and then repair them with healing chemistries.

It’s unmistakably a Lamborghini: Despite being electric and technologically advanced, the Terzo Millennio still has a sporty design we’re used to seeing on Lamborghinis  although it does look more futuristic. It sits extremely low, has a waterslide windshield that covers almost the entire front part, and truly stands out from the crowd.

When will we see it? The Terzo Millennio is a concept, so we won’t see it hit the streets anytime soon. The company showed it off to share its vision of future electric hypercars it wants to build that will combine the latest technologies but still stay true to the Lamborghini brand. But the reality is that the carmaker has a long way to go. It will likely take years to develop the technologies with MIT that will enable the car’s body to double as a storage system and repair minor scratches on its own.

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