Meet the Juiced RipRacer, a colorful new line of compact e-bikes that packs the power and range we expect from Juiced into a smaller frame. It’s also their cheapest electric motorcycle to date.

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With a younger generation becoming more and more interested in electric bikes, we saw the opportunity to launch a smaller model at an entry-level price point, an e-bike that appeals to a wider audience, but of course with the signature performance features the Juiced brand is so well known for.

– Tora Haris, Founder & CEO

Power, Speed, and Components

The Juiced RipRacer will come in two different models. Each has 20-inch rugged, all-terrain knobby tires for comfortable rides on suburban streets and off-road.

Class 2 comes with a 52V 10Ah battery, offering a top speed of 20 mph and a 35-mile range. It will cost $1,399.

Class 3 comes with a 52V 15Ah battery offering a top speed of 28 mph and a 55-mile range. It will cost $1,599.

A new generation of e-bikes wouldn’t be the same without the latest tech and the RipRacer delivers. Both versions feature a new 750-Watt Geared Hub motor and hydraulic disc breaks. They also sport the first-ever Apple AirTag-integrated battery. That means you’ll be able to locate the battery if it’s ever misplaced or track it down if stolen.

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The battery will be compatible with a new docking station from Juiced set to release late next year. You can even use that dock to charge other electronics, turning your Juiced Bikes battery into a portable generator!


juiced ripracer

All in all, these are some of the most affordable 750W e-bikes with hydraulics on the market and have 50% more battery capacity than similarly priced fun-sized fat-tire e-bikes. It’s an appealing option to riders on the short end of the spectrum and not too hard to carry at 66lbs either.

With four colors to choose from, this mini yet mighty e-bike should offer a fun and functional ride for both new and experienced e-bike riders.

Pre-orders begin on Black Friday with a $100 discount, though they won’t begin shipping until March 2022.