Fucare revealed two new Gemini X electric bikes featuring a trellis-style frame with high-performance parts. Together, these Class 3 e-bikes can go fast both on the streets and across the beach.

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The 45-degree frame design is rated for 400 lbs, giving the Gemini X a unique look and an advantage in carrying seriously heavy loads.  The frame uses narrow diameter tubes to leave an open area around the mounted 48V battery to allow for removal. You’ll find a second battery housed just behind the seat tube.

Together, both batteries result in 20.8 Ah with 998 Wh of total capacity. Fucare claims a significant 55 miles (88 km) of range on throttle-only riding or an even further 80 miles (130 km) using pedal assist. The rear wheel’s 750 W hub motor provides up to 28 mph (45 km/h) pedal assist.

Upfront, you’ll find spring-fork suspension. Combined with the hydraulic brakes and four-inch fat tires, the Gemini X should be a comfy ride no matter the terrain. A step-through cargo version of the e-bike is also available.

fucare gemini cargo

There’s a 5-inch color screen beside the handlebars to display relevant ride data such as speed, distance, battery charge level, and more. It also has a USB port to charge your phone or other devices along your ride.

Both models include a rear rack, ABS fenders, and LED lights at the base price of $1,899. As a bonus, the company is throwing in a bike lock, bike bell, PVC fenders, and a 13-in-1 repair tool kit for free. Extra accessories are available, such as a rear basket for added utility.