Although the Italian supercar maker has been slow to transition to electric, Lamborghini plans to introduce vehicles with electric motors starting next year. However, an electric motor doesn’t mean all-electric; it means hybrids and plug-in hybrids. As a result, their first all-electric car likely won’t arrive until the second half of the decade.

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One of the biggest challenges to electrifying high-performance cars is having a battery meet the requirements. Despite the challenges, their competitors have proven it possible, such as the Tesla Roadster. In addition, Ferrari has already rolled out three hybrid models and has promised to have a battery-electric car by 2025.

“We don’t need to be the first ones, but when we kick in, we need to be the best. This is something we strongly believe is going to happen.”

-CEO Stephan Winkelmann

Now, Lamborghini believes it can deliver an electric car that lives up to its reputation. But don’t expect it soon, as the automaker will focus on hybrids in the meantime, and the first all-electric will be a four-door SUV. The hybridization of their vehicle lineup is said to reduce the companies C02 emissions by fifty percent.

The Lamborghini name carries a strong legacy, but time will tell if they can compete with the wave of fast electric vehicles hitting the market before them.