The latest electric scooter from the popular Miami-based Fluid freeride is all the buzz. The fluid mosquito combines portability with an impressive power profile, perfect for city commuters.

Like the insect after its name, the Mosquito packs more of a punch than other models of its size. With only 29 lbs (13 kg), the fluid mosquito features performance specs we rarely see in this weight class. The 500W motor with 700W peak output can tackle hills and accelerate to a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). If this is your first e-scooter, we recommend starting slowly since 25 mph can be really fast. It’s best to practice and develop a little skill to handle the scooter at these high speeds. And don’t forget your helmet, either.

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Although designed for shorter rides, the 48V 9.6Ah battery delivers a reasonable range of 20 miles and recharges in under 5 hours. As per the Fluid freeride founder, it doesn’t sound like the rider’s weight will affect the range that much either.

We tested it with a 160-pound rider. They were able to get 22 miles in speed level 3 at a relatively constant speed of 15 or 16 mph. That same rider was able to get 19 miles in speed level 4 at around 19 mph. We also really put it to the test with a 240-pound rider that rode it as fast and aggressively as he could at full speed and he got 11 to 12 miles. That’s still very impressive at that high weight given that this scooter is actually designed for shorter commutes.

-Julian Fernau

The solid tires are good insurance against any flats. Dual spring-based suspension should make for a smooth ride through the urban environment. When done riding, the scooter itself folds up into a compact package that’s easy to carry with one hand, thanks to an included grip. For storage in tighter spaces, such as a locker, the handlebars can fold down to make the mosquito even narrower.

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A triple braking system features an electric “throttle” brake which recharges your battery on the go, a lever pulled rear drum brake, and a rear step-on brake to improve the overall stopping power. The color display shows stats like speed, mileage, and battery charge. Experienced riders can set up cruise control and zero start if desired.

You can save $100 on the fluid mosquito if you pre-order right now. The promotion even includes an extra year of warranty. That’s a good deal for an ultra-portable and versatile scooter fast enough to outrace electric bicycles.