The UK-based micro-mobility company Eskuta has designed a new line of electric bikes. The SX-250s combine the best aspects of electric bicycles and motorcycles, offering an approachable middle-ground to urban travelers.

Our SX-250 appeals to a wide range of individuals, from young people over the age of 14 who are not yet able to drive but want the freedom of an electric bike, to older customers who want a comfortable mode of transport for short distances.

-Eskuta’s managing director Ian O’Connor

Family History

The SX-250’s inherited motorcycle traits include side-view mirrors, turn signals, alloy wheels, tubeless tires, and adjustable suspension and braking. As for security, you’ll find a lockable front glove box, an anti-theft alarm with a motor immobilizer, and a keyless startup. There’s even a motorbike-style rear cargo box for extra storage.

The bicycle influence can be seen in its functional peddles and the lack of needing any license or insurance to ride the thing, as is typically required of electric motorcycles. The battery is removable to charge off-bike. There’s also the e-bike price tag at an affordable $2,190. Available in eight different colors, there’s a style to match everyone. Additionally, you can add custom branding for delivery drivers and courier services.

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A 48V battery pack provides fast acceleration. The Eskuta bike has an impressive range of 40—50 miles (64—80 km) for its weight of 119 lbs. The design is undoubtedly closer to a European moped, able to scoot through narrow alleys than a North-American fat-tire open roads two-wheelers. But the full-suspension bike seems enough to attract those wanting to test the waters of motorcycle transportation.