Meet Enride, the Swedish freight tech company. Founded in 2016, Enride develops commercial mobility solutions using autonomous electric vehicles.

Since then, they have become one of Europe’s largest electric truck fleets, working alongside major companies like Coca-Cola.

Now, they have officially expanded their operations to the United States, complete with new system software and an updated Pod truck designed for American roads.

Check out the replay of today’s launch event below:

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Our system is not a compromise, but a better solution. We are going electric not because of the benefit of sustainabilty, but because it’s the most competitive way of doing transport. It’s cheaper, safer, and more efficient.

– Robert Falck, Founder & CEO

The newly designed Enride Pod and Flatbed Pod will be the first autonomous electric trucks on public roads this side of the ocean.

The flatbed can hold standard shipping containers and is capable of transporting them from sea to freight. These EVs could become useful as many US ports remain congested with container ships off the west coast.

However, these EVs won’t be entirely self-driving.

Enride remote driver

Enride doesn’t believe that machines can do without human oversight. That’s why they have created a new type of job opportunity; remote truck drivers who will operate a driverless EV Pod from a control center.

Enride has already hired their first remote driver, and they plan to hire 2,000 more over the next five years.

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Saga, the brain behind Enride

Alongside the US launch, Einride has introduced Saga, the new all-in-one operating system, serving as a holistic network to help operators transition, manage, and streamline their vehicles.

Saga means “she who sees everything,” the Goddess associated with wisdom. To build the transportation system of tomorrow, wisdom and vision are needed.

-Linnéa Kornehed, Co-founder & CMO

Here are some of the critical applications that Saga offers:

  • Evolve – A roadmap to cost-effective electrification and automation.
  • Book – Order and track shipments.
  • Orchestrate – Oversee vehicle routes and their assignments.
  • Explore – View data and gain insights.

So far, Enride has partnered with Oatly, on track to reduce their transport emissions by over 90% and with Bridgestone, set to utilize their smart tires.

According to Einride, analyses from Saga estimate that 40% of US road freight transportation could transition to electric today for the same cost as diesel. But, it could even be cheaper as technology continues to improve.

These operations will all stem from Einride’s headquarters in New York, with plans for regional offices in Austin, San Francisco, and the Southeast US.