MoonBikes, the French micro-mobility startup, is bringing its fun, ultralight and all-electric snow EV to the US, just in time for winter.

The first of its kind, Moonbikes offers a new way to enjoy winter activities, blurring the lines between recreation and transportation.

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It’s not exactly a “bike” per see, nor is it a traditional snowmobile either. The Moonbike lies somewhere between, featuring a streamlined design from its rear track to its single forward ski.

 “I’ve always wanted to create a machine to make winter exploration fun and easy.”

-Nicolas Muron, founder and CEO
Check out the video below to see the Moonbike in action, then read on for all the details.

The 2.5 kWh single battery offers one hour of use on sport mode or 1.5 hours with easier riding in Eco mode. According to the company, that means an estimated 20 km (12 miles) in sport mode or 35 km (22 miles) in eco mode.

There’s also an option for a 5 kWh battery that doubles the range, and the heated battery box provides cold resistance to 25°C.

A full charge takes just under six hours with a standard wall plug, but you can cut that time in half with a fast charger.

Dashing through the snow

Powered by a 3 kW electric motor, the MoonBike can carve through the snow at a top speed of 42 km/h (26 mph).

With the optional dual battery, you’ll get 60 Km of range, carrying you up mountain slopes of 40% gradability over fields of snow as deep as 30 cm.

Those stats don’t compete with the capabilities of a proper electric snowmobile. However, MoonBikes are three times lighter, weighing just 87kg, and much easier to transport, fitting in a hitch carrier or the bed of a truck.

They’re also 100% silent so that you can hear your fellow riders clearly or enjoy the solitude of nature.


Pricing starts at $8,500 in the US, with deliveries listed as “in advance of and during the 2021-22 winter season.” Presumably, that means they’ll start shipping soon, at least before the snow melts.

MoonBikes says they will produce four hundred snow bikes for European and American markets. Those should fill the gap as a fun, bike-shaped vehicle for snow sports that’s likely to have riders laughing all the way.