Two months ago, Ducati agreed to be the exclusive supplier of MotoE racing electric motorcycles. Now, we’ve got our first glimpse at what’s to come.

The Ducati V21L, still an electric prototype, performed several laps around the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli track.

While the bike was seen roaring down the racetrack, Ducati didn’t release any performance stats. However, if we had to guess, it should hit 160 mph (257 km/h) to at least match the Energica Ego Corsa it aims to replace. That bike, which came from MotoE’s last supplier, had a 110 kW liquid-cooled electric motor, enabling 220 Nm of torque. Alas, the cameras on site couldn’t capture anything similar under the panels.

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“We are experiencing a truly extraordinary moment. I find it hard to believe it is reality and still not a dream! The first electric Ducati on the track is exceptional not only for its uniqueness but also for the type of undertaking. A challeng both for its performance objectives and for its extremely short timescales. Precisely for this reason, the work of the whole team dedicated to the project has been incredible and today’s result repays us for the efforts made in recent months. We know that the road ahead is still very long, but we have laid a first important ‘brick’.”

– Roberto Canè, Director of Ducati’s eMobility

It seems Ducati’s R&D team are all hands on deck at work on the electric racing motorcycles, which means we likely won’t see any consumer bikes from the Italian manufacturer for some time. But, at least consumers can look forward to watching a competitive electric-powered spectacle.