Copper Bikes, the same automaker behind the Mini Cooper car, unveiled four new e-bikes to launch their second generation of sustainable transportation. While the iconic four-wheeler gained worldwide recognition, the company is looking to ride its future on two-wheels.

The Cooper e-bikes are designed for urban commuting, the Singlespeed, Randonneur, and bikes for “Classic Gents and “Classic Ladies,” respectively. They all use a Zehus Gen2 drivetrain with a rear hub motor capable of regenerative braking. The Randonneur is the only one without hydraulic disc brakes.

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The marketing promotes an “unlimited range” thanks to the fact that peddling helps charge the battery. However, to say it’s unlimited isn’t entirely feasible. After all, would you rather sit there peddling away or plug your bike into a wall outlet to charge the battery? Also, it can be harder to peddle in that mode due to the higher resistance required to store up and release electrical energy. That may be a good workout but not a good long-distance strategy.

cooper classic gents e-bike

As for speed, the Cooper bikes can go up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). You’ll find a comparatively modest torque of 40 Nm and a relatively small 173 Wh battery. Granted, the battery has to be small to fit inside the motor wheel, giving the rest of the frame a clean-cut look.

The Singlespeed models have a fancy Gates carbon belt drive system, adding to the sleek aesthetics. The other multi-speed bikes rely on a traditional chain drive. You won’t find any display on the handlebars either, fitting in with the minimalist style. Instead, riders can access the smartphone app to view data like battery life, distance, speed, and more.

The Copper bikes will be on sale soon, starting at around $2,570 each. Each one comes in two colors and has a zero carbon footprint.