Blurring the lines between an electric bicycle and an electric motorcycle, the C3STROM Astro sits somewhere in between. Available in both the Astro and Astro Pro models, C3STROM packs both high-power looks and the high-power performance into this hybrid moped.

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The Astro’s release marks a new level for the all-in-one electric bike. The story here was just us asking, ‘Why are riders supposed to choose between looks, comfort, speed, and adaptability?’ They shouldn’t have to.

-C3STROM CEO Harry Chan

The motor defaults to a street-legal 750W power offering a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). However, that can increase to 32 mph (52 km/h) in off-road mode. The front suspension fork should help with bumps in the terrain, but the lack of rear suspension could make any decent-size potholes or obstacles a bit rough on the rear at top speed. For slowing down, the moped features four-piston hydraulic disc brakes. Both models have wide tires for on and off-road riding.

C3STROM Astro back

The frame is built around the battery where it’s suspended from the top tubes. The  1040W battery is also the largest capacity available for an e-bike under $4000. Made with Samsung 21700-format lithium-ion battery cells, it has an estimated range of 78 miles.

You’ll also get access to a smartphone app that connects to the e-moped so riders can view essential data and make changes to the bike’s performance parameters.

The C3STROM Astro will ship soon with a starting pre-order price of $1,699. However, you can sign up on their Indigogo now for an early-bird discount of $800 off. Aside from the powerful performance specs, that discount makes this a competitive offer in the e-bike category.