BMW is getting ready for the full reveal of their all-electric i7 sedan in April. However, the company is whetting our appetite with some teaser images and specs ahead of its release. Check out the teaser video from BMW’s Instagram page, then read on for all the details.

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Of course, what immediately stands out is the massive grille on the mouth of the car. Despite the lack of an engine under the hood needing cooling, big kidney-shaped grilles have become a trademark of BMW. The company has “completely reinterpreted [the grille] to achieve a modern and distinct look.” Specifically, the i7’s grille is trimmed with an “exclusive crystal glass” LED for a visual highlight.

We wonder if the BMW i7’s exterior will also feature the flashy iX flow color scheme.

All-electric luxury

As for other fancy features, the interior includes an ultrawide 31-inch theater screen with 8K streaming. The flat-screen, which emits from the roof liner, will be for rear passengers only, so the driver isn’t distracted by its dazzling resolution. You’ll find a panoramic glass roof with LED light threads above. Hopefully, the reflection won’t interfere with the luxury cinema experience.

bmw i7 backseat screen

The driver will have a curved display behind the steering wheel, floating above the dashboard. It’s a combination of electronic instruments and infotainment featuring the latest version of BMW’s iDrive operating software.

BMW states that the i7 will be “the first all-electric luxury sedan globally.” The Mercedes-Benz EQS and Lucid Air might beg to differ, but the i7 isn’t pulling any punches with the i7’s estimated range of 580—610 km (360—379 miles). It will also boast a combined power consumption of 19.7—18.9 kWh per 100 km.

BMW plans to electrify its entire lineup of vehicles by 2030, from the BMW i4 to the iX. Stay tuned for more updates.