The original Babymaker electric bicycle from FLX caught the world by storm two years ago. Now, the company hopes to recreate that success with a new and improved successor: the Babymaker II. If you believe in numerology, then luck may be on their side, given that FLX launched the second Babymaker e-bike at 2:22 PM EST on 22/2/22. If that’s not enough two’s, the bike itself costs $2222! However, you can shave $900 off that for a limited time with the launch discount.

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The sleek and stylish e-bike boasts a 350 Watt stealth hub motor, carrying you up to 70 miles of range. If you want to do less peddling, there are five levels of assist with a top speed of 25mph and hydraulic disc brakes to stop in a pinch.

While the Babymaker has the power of an e-bike, it doesn’t have the bulk. The battery is concealed within the downtube and takes three hours to charge. You’ll also rest easy knowing the Gates carbon belt drive never rusts or requires adjustment like a chain would.

Babymaker 2 model

Conceived in the East, Born in the West

The Babymaker II is also one of the few e-bikes assembled in the USA while importing most parts. The more electric kids a country has, the merrier.

“FLX is excited to continue along the path we’ve carved with the launch of the Babymaker ll. It builds on our commitment to design the sleekest most stealthy and easy to just get on and ride electric bike possible – and we nailed it. With the move to build our bikes in Detroit, Michigan, our customers will join us on our mission to bring 100% of our bike assembly back into the USA economy. It’s more than just a bike, it’s a movement.”

– Rob Rast, president and founder of FLX

At 35 lbs, the Babymaker II may weigh more than a baby, but its discreet design and premium components make it a must-have. Debuting in four different colors — white, black, tangerine, and silver — this e-bike might just become your new favorite child. Schedule a virtual demo.