E-bikes and e-scooters make up a large part of the electric micro-mobility market, but we get some innovative crossovers now and then. Take, for example, the A-Ride from Canadian company Alpine Riding, a versatile year-round e-crossover. Its dual suspension, powerful motors, and robust design make it ready for any season and terrain.

Check out the video below to see the A-Ride in action, then read on for all the details.

With a frame styled as a standing scooter, you won’t be sitting down on the A-Ride. However, the giant wheels give it handling and capabilities closer to a mountain bike. A suspension fork up front and swing-arm suspension in the back provide safety for off-road use.

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But it can be used for more than just trails. Several commuter accessories like cargo racks, fender sets, and even a bolt-on handlebar kit for kids can turn the two-wheeler into a utility vehicle. And that’s the point of A-Ride: offer the best of both from multiple forms of two-wheeled transportation.

The A-Ride is powered by a 50-mile range battery (80 km) which can be charged in under five hours. You can choose between a 500W or 1,000W geared motor. A thumb throttle on the handlebars controls the motor’s power, and a colour screen provides a real-time readout for ride data such as speed, distance, and battery charge.

You can purchase your A-Ride for CAD $5,775 from their website.